The landscape of tourism, hospitality and event industry has undergone some significant changes recently all over the globe. This also aptly applies to tourism, hospitality and event sectors in India. To name a few, tourism demand and supply are shaped by web 2.0 and web 3.0 technologies, emerging innovation and creativity in events, hospitality and tourism sectors, climate change and its impact etc. This conference is to share and receive the insights on; one and all emerging trends in these sectors and any aspect of these viz. opportunities, challenges and implications that relates to them.


Note: The following list is not an exhaustive one. Related researches would also be highly appreciated.

1.1. Innovative Practices in Hospitality

• Best results from third party booking sites
• Best results from third party review sites
• Hotel systems and procedures through franchising and management contracts
• Hotel and resort development
• Resort operations
• Boutique hotel management
• All-inclusive resort management
• Mobile tourism
• Ground breaking practices, processes and concepts in hospitality businesses
• Social media and digital technology in tourism, hospitality and event business

1.2 Sustainable Tourism

• Sustainable Tourism Influence on Regional Development
• Sustainable Tourism Indicators
• Sustainable Tourism Businesses (Entertainment, Travel, Accommodation, Transportation, Food-Beverage, Recreation Operations)
• Sustainable Tourism Certification Practices
• Conservation of natural heritage in the context of sustainable tourism
• Conservation of biodiversity within the scope of sustainable tourism
• Conservation of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage
• Sustainability of Kitchen Culture and Local Foods
• Sustainable Behavior Management (Green Leadership, Green Employee, Green Human ...)
• Eco-Friendly Social Responsibility Activities in Tourism
• Community Based Tourism in the Context of Sustainable Tourism (CBT)
• Alternative Tourism Types and Sustainability Based on Nature and Culture (Eco Tourism, Gastronomy Tourism, Ethnic Tourism, Outdoor Recreations etc.)
• Climate Change and Sustainability
• Sustainable Tourism Awareness and Education
• Tourism Education and Sustainability

1.3. Gastronomy

• Vedic Food
• Food and Ayurveda
• Heritage Food
• Molecular Gastronomy
• Gastronomic experience- taste hunts
• Creative cities of gastronomy
• Transnational food
• Food mobility: Tacos to Indian fry bread, Feta to curry
• Culinary tourism
• Wine tourism
• Foreign influence on food
• Modern trends in Indian cuisine
• Street food culture of India

1.4 Marketing and Management

• Food and drinks marketing
• Social media marketing
• Tourism marketing
• Hotel & Restaurant Marketing
• Destination marketing and management
• Glocal issues in Marketing and business management

1.5 Entrepreneurship

• Entrepreneurial dimensions in tourism and economic growth
• Entrepreneurial challenges in tourism, hospitality & event business
• Entrepreneurship policy and tourism, hospitality & event business
• Ecopreneurship and tourism
• Women entrepreneurship in tourism, hospitality & event business
• Inventive and digital entrepreneurship – risks and opportunities
• Experience sharing- learning from failures and success

1.6 Event management

• Sustainable event management
• Volunteer motivation in events
• Challenges faced while conducting fundraising events
• Use of technology in events business
• Comparative study of event management between developed and developing countries

1.7 Others

• Travel & leisure journalism
• Critical issues in the tourism and hospitality industry
• Human resource and learning and development- new dimensions
• Hospitality education & skills training
• Contemporary issues of industry and academia
• Hospitality supply chain management
• Wellness tourism
• Senior travelers
• Climate change and its impact on tourism